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Wild West influenced steampunk has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years.  To build on a successful "Steamwestern" meet up at the Seaside 2013 we are pleased to offer a "western shootout" for 2014.

A new sport for SatS. A Wierdwest style shoot out. Gangs, posses, troops and tribes of four armed with Nerf guns. High noon (of course) on Saturday. A hit anywhere on a player and they are out. Knockout to find the best group of players.


Teams of four. Guns may be modded externally (i.e. cosmetically) but no interior mods at all. Ammo may not be modified either - just as it came from the box please. Only manually cocked guns are allowed - no electric guns at all. The gunfight will be in a marked area indoors in the main showbar. There will be two lines marked which teams cannot cross therefore there will be no point blank or physical contact issues (other than with your own team who just might stick their head in the way when you fire.) Fights will be time limited and if both sides have survivors then the side with the most survivors wins or a draw may be declared. Goggles will be compulsory for gunfighters and front row audience.