Steampunks and Zombies

 Steampunks & Zombies 2013 Courtesy of Ermine Street Project


Sunday morning, Park Resorts - Camber Sands. A scientific experiment has gone hideously wrong.  A handful of scientists have been infected with a horrendous disease.   They are now zombies!  They are also trying to infect everyone else.  The authorities have secured the central complex.  Inside you are safe.  The problem is - to get inside you have to prove you have not been infected.  This means you have got to scour the park.  Collect the clues and solve them.  After all we all know zombies can't think!   You can also defend yourself.  Zombies can be incapacitated (briefly) by darts from Nerf n Strike or Buzzbee guns.  (Now you know why steampunks carry them.)  Watch out though a single touch and you will become a zombie yourself hunting down the survivors.

This is an "opt in" game.  You don't have to play - players need to register, collect identifying heart badges and have their weapons checked on Saturday prior to the game. Only mechanical weapons (i.e. no electric guns) are allowed.  They can be modified cosmetically but no mechanical modifications are permitted.    The game will run from 10.15 am until 11.30.   Full rules available NOW and will be provided in the Programme at the event which you collect with your wristbands on arrival.