The steampunk sport that evolved by accident. 

A group of well dressed steampunks were swimming at an event.  One gentleman submerged and left his boater
floating upon the surface of the water.  The boater was picked up and thrown down the pool.  It was thrown back.   Volley boater was born!  After that initial spontaneous beginning a tournament held at the 3rd Steampunk New Year led to the “Kandy Krakens” being crowned as reigning UK champions.  Steampunk at the Seaside 2013 hosted the 2nd UK championship.  In a nailbiting final the Krakens were finally defeated by the 3rd Foot & Mouth (Aquatic Division) team who are all set to defend their title at this year's event.

Two teams play.  A team may have up to nine members although only seven are fielded for any particular match, Six in the water plus one substitute.  A team may also have an optional coach who can be a member of the squad or a non playing team coach.  Teams can be single gender or mixed and of any age. Players may be members of up to two teams.  Teams may have a maximum of three players in common if in the same tournament.

The pool has two ends designated by markers on poolside.  The objective is simple – throw the boater and get it to touch the water in the opposing team's end.  The opponents try to catch or deflect the boater so that it does not touch the water.  See - said it was simple.

A coin is tossed before play.  The winning team gets first possession of the boater (thrown in by the referee) and the other team gets to choose end.   Teams change ends after the fifth point is scored (regardless of the team which scores) and possession reverts to the team which first lost the toss. The first team to a score of six wins.  If the boater lands on poolside or in the middle (non scoring) section of the pool then it is handed to the team who did NOT touch it last.Only three players can touch the boater before it must be thrown back.   Deliberate splashing, over aggressive play,
ungentle(wo)manly conduct etc can lead to a “warning” by the referee.  A second warning can result in a sending off.

 Players are not required to wear Victorian bathing attire but it is strongly recommended. (For low cost alternatives gentlemen might like to look at short/t-shirt pajama combination.  These can be very inexpensive and many make passable Victorian sportswear.  For ladies there are many economical tops and short sundresses available that work well when teamed with bloomers.

Teams who want to enter the tournament should register their interest using the form to the right by March 20th at the latest.

A fun game and a growing steampunk sport.  We hope you would like to join in.

Volley Boater Team Registration

 Pictures by Klif Fuller