Steampunks Vs Zombies 2014

There has been a terrible accident... again

Scientists meddling in forces unknown (Herr Doktor) have released a strange force from the ether, and it has begun to spread between the residents of the park. Some of those infected seem to succumb to the strange energies within moments, slumping down stone dead before returning to seek those still alive. Others linger on in a strange torpor, unable to think or act properly. Transmission is via a simple touch, and although the creatures cannot be given a final rest they may be slowed briefly by the impact of small foam projectiles.

Our crack team of scientists (Herr Doktor again) has managed to shield a small area of the park, and once all the survivors are gathered an attempt will be made to purge the  evil energies from the remainder of the park

In order to prevent the infection spreading it is vital that only the uninfected are allowed into the secure compound, those who wish to survive must prove they still have what mental and physical capabilities they began the day with. To complete your pass and prove you are not a member of the undead simply make your way from control point to control point around the park, there you will find a coded punch to prove you went there, and a decoder

Once you have 6 punches, and 6 correctly decoded words present yourself at the compound to escape to safety.

Good Luck, you are going to need it.



Steampunks are polite and decorus: for that reason running is passe even in the event of Zombie Apocalypse.

Survivors are encouraged to hurry, bustle, make haste and above all perambulate away from zombies, but please avoid running full pelt.

Zombies should move with best slow, stumbling, shamble, moaning and mumbling as they go no faster than ¼ normal walking speed. and no diving tackles.

It is advised that all Players wear appropriate eye protection and sensible footwear. Heels look good, but will result in twisted ankles/zombie related death

Attacks against the head will not count under any circumstance, and should not be attempted. This includes both gunfire from survivors and touch based attacks from zombies


The only weapons allowed are single shot, non electrically fired foam dart/disc guns.  

They may have cosmetic modifications, but no modification to the firing mechanisms is allowed.

All weapons must be checked with VSS Game Control before use and the Ref’s decision is final. Weapons checks, collection of heart badges and game passports is from VSS reception in the main show bar between 11:00 and 17:00 on Saturday.  All players must register at this time

Ammo should be unmodified and fit for purpose.  

Any ammo collected from the floor should be checked before use to ensure it is safe.

Care should be taken to ensure you load the correct type of ammo into your gun.

Anyone (Survivor or zombies) who is struck by a bullet fired from an approved weapon should react accordingly.

Zombies: React to the shot, stagger back a step then slump and remain still for 15 seconds

Survivors : Feign injury for 60 seconds, you may not move without assistance during this time. Assistance can be given by putting a hand onto a wounded players arm or shoulder. No carrying of wounded players is permitted. Wounded players may assist each other to move.

Zombies must touch players to infect them with the plague.

An infected player must make haste to the medical stations staffed by the brave volunteers nurses, where they will be assessed for plague using the famous “hand-in-bucket-magic-litmus-ticket-test” developed by our peerless research team (Herr Doktor).

Test Results:

White Ticket: The plague didn’t take, and you are safe to return to the hunt.. Time to find your friends.

Coloured Ticket: PLAGUE! You will succumb to the plague once you have counted down to the number on your ticket..  During this time your Heart badge should be removed. Once infected a player may return to their caravan if they wish to apply makeup or change costume.  Time to find your friends..

Anyone without a heart badge, and not acting like a member of the undead should be considered a non player and should not be attacked, run into or used as a human shield.

Game play:

Play is limited to the marked area, and all buildings/caravans should be considered out of bounds.

Survivors taking part should pin their “Heart” badge onto their lapel where it is easily visible. 

To escape the camp, Survivor must complete their “passport” and then present this at the secure compound marked on the map.

A complete card will include:

6 Punches; one from each control point

6 numbers, one from each checkpoint. A code word will be given on the day.  At each checkpoint you will find a grid, where the codeword can be decoded and totalled.

Zombies may roam freely around the park, keeping within the bounds of the game. They may only interact with players who have a “Heart” badge

Zombies are encouraged to:

        Shamble towards loud sounds/movement

        Provide moans and groans as they move


        Over act

        Form into mobs/clumps

        Move away from unoccupied areas

        Avoid Stepping on bullets if possible

       Attempt to infect as many players as possible

       Ambush players between buildings

     Move no faster than ¼ normal walking speed


At the end of the game we request all players take part in a sweep of the site to collect spent ammo.

Please note we cannot guarantee you will leave with the same ammo you started with, please do not use any you are not prepared to lose


VSS Game Control will accept nominations for the following awards:

Greatest Act of Heroism

Most Blatent Act of Self Preservation

Best Zombie Makeup

Best Zombie Shamble

Best last words

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