The VSS always tries to bring you a varied and entertaining programme.  Steampunk at the Seaside 2014 is no exception.

We will have a full programme of day programme of talks, discussions and workshops as well as steampunk sports such as Volley Boater and Tea Duelling, fun games such as Steampunks and Zombies, Attacknids and Shootout at the Steampunk Corral

In the way of workshops we have two very popular features. Lady Elsie will be teaching her "hysterical dancing" class.  Learn original period dances with a twist.  Tinker will be teaching a Baritsu workshop.  Based on the Victorian chaps defensive art Bartitsu but with a nod or two to the contemporary world hence using Conan-Doyle's spelling.

Each evening we have some amazing live music from Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer, Sunday Driver and Pocketwatch.  We also have a quiet bar set aside for those of you who don't want to partake of the entertainment on offer.

Of course the Bazaar Eclectica will be offering some first class Steampunk Traders and their wares for your appreciation and you can even sell some of your own items at the Illicit Market.

If you have an idea for a feature that YOU would like to contribute to Steampunk at the Seaside then please use the form below and submit your idea before January 30th 2014.   Your feature should run for up to fifty minutes. In the required resources box please be clear about everything you would need to make the idea a reality especially any budget or tech requirements.  PLEASE DO NOT simply suggest ideas of things you would like to see.  Only suggest features that you are capable of and willing to organise and facilitate at the event.  We will look at all ideas and see if they are a good fit for Steampunk at the Seaside and if we can make them happen. 

Programme Feature Submission